Support your community. Uplift your life.

I believe a handwritten thank you note, every day, is the heart medicine many of us need right now. Join me for 21 days of gratitude notes to frontline workers, community supporters, or anyone else who is having a meaningful impact on you right now. By connecting with each other in this tactile way, we will:

  • Lessen the isolation of social distancing,
  • Help our community's frontline workers feel supported during this difficult moment,
  • And, in so doing, find daily miracles in our own lives.

Download the Printable Daily Gratitude Practice Checklist

21 Days, 21 Notes of Gratitude to Spread Thanks During Difficult Times

Spread Thanks with Us Live Through May 5, 2020

The 21-Day Gratitude Challenge is happening now. Wherever you're at, there's never been a better time to find a moment of peace by spreading thanks to someone else.









We can create miracles right now with three simple steps each day.

Using the power of ink we can feel joy every day, find strength we didn't know was there, and contribute to collective healing. Gratitude in difficult times can be a challenge. But together, one thank you note at a time, we help our communities to come together.

Ask yourself: Who am I grateful for today?

Begin by engaging with your life each day. Find someone special to thank for supporting you. It could be a friend, family member, grocery store clerk, or healthcare worker. 

Write a thank you note, with mindful intention.

Feel the joy and gratitude flow through you. Let your emotions spread throughout your whole being to flow through your hand to the pen and onto the note. Embody gratitude.

Watch for miracles and moments of wonder.

Send your note. Then, watch for miracles and moments of wonder throughout your day. Record them in your gratitude journal. Tiny or huge, if you pay attention you will find them.

This is an unprecedented event in our lifetimes and fear is running rampant.

At any one given moment, we are bombarded by thousands of messages. Which messages we choose to focus on, positive or negative, matters. 

We cannot control our external situation – but what is within our control is our response.

How do you choose to react?


I choose gratitude

"The ramifications of this simple ‘random act of kindness’ are exponential! . . . As we touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters, they in turn, are inspired to touch the hearts of others. The more gratitude we extend out to the world, the more we receive to be grateful about!"

Annie Sims
Author/Instructor of CWG Leadership Program

"“Sending thank you notes is a brilliant way to transform your world. It worked for me in such a miraculous manner! My life and my business have blossomed in ways I could not have even imagined. Thank you, Elena, for the inspiration and showing the world how to Spread Thanks.”"

Kathi Whitney Davis
Owner, Over the Moon

"“While I love my virtual world, I also adore the hands-on connections I can make through handwritten thank you notes. You never know the ripples effects you set in motion through such a simple act of kindness.”"

Stephanie Veraghen
Online Consultant & Brand Strategist

Download the Printable Daily Gratitude Practice Checklist.

21 Days, 21 Notes of Gratitude to Spread Thanks During Difficult Times

Spread thanks. Heal your heart.

This is the perfect time to embark on a new practice – why not make it a practice that elevates your energy and uplifts your community? Join us now by downloading your free copy of the daily gratitude checklist.